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About me

This is Muhammad Basharat Ghani I was born in Rawalpindi pakistan and currently living in Rawalpindi I am computer university student I have done my matriculation from Boys model school G-6/4.Islamabad and scored A grade .Then done my intermediate or college studies from F.G.Sir Syed college Rawalpindi and scored A grade and then did my graduation from UAAR.

About my family

I live with my father mother and family my father name is Muhammad Sarwar retired from GHQ.I love my father mother for their kindness and genrousity.I have three brothers Muhammad Farasat Ghani,Muhammad Bilal Ghani and Muhammad Usman Ghani actualy Ghani is my grand father name so its our family name we belong to Chaudry family our cast is Rajput Chohan.

About my fore father and uncles

I think my fore fathers are living in Rawalpindi from centuries we live here we love this palce .MY grand father name was Ch.Abdul Ghani his father name was Ch.Gebba khan .I have many uncles their names are
Ch Yousaf(marhoom)(LATE)
Zumrad Khan
and my dad Ch.Muhammad Sarwar.

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